Helidon Hills / Murphy’s Creek (Upper Lockyer) Landcare Group Inc.
Established in 1999

This site was last updated on October 23, 2015
Our Vision
“The harmony of Nature and People providing a sustainable future within the Helidon Hills and Surrounds.”

The intention of this web site as a matter of policy decided by the group is for it to be a living and active document rather than a ‘glossy brochure’. It contains much information to help residents already here and anyone who may want to move to the area.The content will be added to as people contribute and some of the existing content will change as comments add to the overall knowledge.

Paradise Creek

Natural Features:

The Helidon Hills are located on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range escarpment that rises from the Lockyer Valley to the Darling Downs, an altitude variation of around 640 m. On the doorsteps are the towns of Helidon, Murphys Creek, Withcott and Gatton. The area is the major water catchment for the Lockyer Valley and the farms in the Valley. With an area of around 34,000ha it is of very high nature conservation significance and one of the largest pieces of mostly continuous bushland left in South East Queensland. This provides an overlap of some coastal and inland vegetation and animals, including many vulnerable or endangered species and communities. The Hills include national parks, State forrest, Private residential and bush blocks and sandstone extraction leases.
Vegetation types of the Hills range from Heath, open forest and closed scrub. There are some plants in the Hills that only occur in this valley. The Hills have a range of common and rear plants as well as rare and threatened species such as Glossy Black Cockatoos, Powerful Owl
, Red Gosshawk . The plants include grasses grevillias and the Lockyer Valley’s endemic Boronia, finally the Hills have their own Ironbark Species, Helidon Hills Ironbark (Eucalyptus Taurina).

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Typical rugged terrain of the Hills.
But some of it is a lot steeper than others.
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We meet every two months, after the formal part we enjoy a well earned cuppa and chat, sometimes the meet turns to meat and eat.
We often work at a variety of community projects, this one with the local school and all of them give themselves a big cheer for a job well done.